Vaccum Flanges

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Vaccum Flanges
  • China
  • 15-30Days
  • 60-80Tons/month

Smooth surface without any scratch for Vaccum Flanges.
Vaccum Flanges diameter range is from 50mm to 1200mm or no more than 80kgs.
Vaccum Flanges tolerance is within 0.05mm.
Stainless steel, super deplex steel, F55, F60, 904L. All of these raw material are no problem.
2pcs free samples of Vaccum Flanges.

Vaccum Flanges Raw material: mostly we produce and buy raw materials according to customer's request.

vaccum flangesflange on vaccum bellow


Machining for Vaccum Flanges: we have our CNC machining centers, to produce perfect products so as to keep strict tolerance to meet end customers' request.


Item No.EquipmentsQuantities
1Ramp CNC lathe6
2Normal lathe8
3Machining center4
4CNC lathe10

leak proof flanges


Vaccum Flanges Inspection: our inspection facilities (such as 3D Measurement equipment, and ultrosonic cleaning machine) enable us to provide good quality products for our customers.

vaccum flangesflange on vaccum bellowleak proof flangesvaccum flanges


Vaccum Flanges Package:

flange on vaccum bellow

Main steel grades we produce:

leak proof flanges



We have the ability of integrated production from forging, heat treatment, machining, physical and chemical inspection and surface treatment to packaging and delivery. We produce stainless steel grade mostly, according to customers' drawings. Main products are non-standard (customized) forged mechanical parts (including flange products). 


We have sold the products to Germany, Czech Republic, Swiss, Denmark, Austria and Sweden etc, mainly in Europe. Our products are well accepted by our customers. Warmly welcome your inquires. Trial samples are available before lot production. 

The optimal solution
We will always choose the most appropriate process for each forging item, in order to manufacture product of stable quality during the shortest leading time. We guarantee our delivery product has the longest service life of similar products while at low cost to the extremely....more
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