precision castings

  • Duplex Stainless Castings

    Duplex Stainless Castings corrosion resistance,Nickel saving stainless steel,excellent welding performance.And the mechanical will be more better ductility and toughness ,without room temperature brittleness . Demensions depends on shape and weight, max 1500*1500*1500mm, Duplex Stainless Castings -- 0.001kg~99kg,Sand casting -- 0.5kg~500kg Duplex Stainless Castings weight ranging from 1G to 99KG,sand casting ranging start from 0.5KG;The minimum thickness of products can reach 0.5MM;Duplex Stainless Castings have higher mechanical properties

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  • Casted Steel Valve

    Casted Steel Valve materials: stainless steel(for example,SS316,SS304),carbon steel, alloy steel, duplex steel, Nickel-base alloy, etc. Casted Steel Valve Applicable medium: water, steam, oils, corrosive medium, etc. The casted steel valve is used to city water, sewerage system , construction , petroleum ,chemical industry , foodstuff , medicine , textile , electric power , shipping , metallurgy ,energy system ,in order to regulation and throttling.

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  • Precision Steel Castings

    Precision Steel Castings material can be staineless steel(eg: SS316 ,SS304), carbon steel, duplex steel, aluminium and other material. Demensions depends on shape and weight, max 1500*1500*1500mm, Investment casting -- 0.001kg~99kg,Sand casting -- 0.5kg~500kg Alloy Applications 304304 is widely accepted in plate heat exchanger ,sylphon bellows, food industry ,medical,Mining,petrochemical ,construction industry, automotive industry, offshore, agriculture, etc 304L/316L 304L can be used to weld,can bear high tempreture ,the 316L can be used to piping ,heat exchanger, food industry, chemical industry. 316 it is used to paper - making industry , heat exchanger , piping line , offshore , constrution , valve ,etc.

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