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  • Open Die Forgings

    Boberry's open die forgings are produced based on end customers' technical drawings. Open die forgings include different kinds of shapes for different applications. Certification: ISO9001, PED ,SGS etc. Material Report for Open Die Forgings: Hardness Report, UT/MT Report, Dimensions checking report, and Mechanical Property Test Report. Open Die Forgings Process: Raw material inspection →Cutting→ inspection → Preheat → forging → heat treatment → inspection → rough machining → NDT →Testing → finishing machining →NDT →inspection → packing→ Delivery.

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  • Free Forgings

    Free forgings are produced based on your forging drawing. Free forgings include different kinds of shapes. Free Forgings Steel Treatment: Forging, Q+T(Quenching+Tempering), Solution treatment, Heat treatment. Free Forgings Machining Service: Rough machining,Precision machining,Milling,Rolling,Hole Drilling,Stamping

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  • Customized Forged Parts

    Boberry has the ability in providing forged solutions for complex shapes, to create custom forged shapes for a variety of industries. We produce complex forged parts with dimensional uniformity, according to customer's drawings. Customized Forged Parts' raw material covers carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and nickel alloys etc.

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