forged sealing rings

  • Pressure Vessel Rings

    Pressure vessel rings are used in airtight vessel equipment containing gas or liquid, bearing certain pressure, which can be divided into normal temperature, low temperature and stainless steel according to material. For special application fields, there are high requirements for rings. For example, in the field of nuclear power plant, we should aim at the problems of high accuracy, large welding deformation, high dimension precision, difficult flip welding and so on.

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  • Steel Sealing Rolled Rings

    The steel sealing rolled rings shall have good sealing performance in working pressure and temperature range, and the sealing performance can be improved automatically with the increase of pressure. The friction between the sealing ring device and the moving part should be small and the friction coefficient should be stable. The sealing ring has strong corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, long working life, good wear resistance, and can be automatically compensated to a certain extent after wear. Simple structure, easy to use, easy maintenance, so that the sealing ring has a longer life

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